Lightweight [strength]

BTL™ Geomembrane

Thanks to their woven structure and special coatings, BTL™ geomembranes are highly versitale. Learn everything about BTL™ geomembranes!


Versitale liner

BTL™ geomembranes provide sound solutions from garden ponds, through agriculture and mining, to numerous areas. Learn about the possible applications!


Sound solution

BTL™ geomembranes performed for more than 30 years in the dry deserts and frozen parts of North-America and Canada. Read about the success stories of BTL™!


BTL™ is new in Europe. A sound solution in the USA for decades.

BTL™ geomembranes are a new alternative to the well-known soft PVC, HDPE and EPDM (rubber) materials. They combine the strengths of the strongest liners, while their weight is only the fragment of the competitors'.

Woven structure and special coatings. Strong, light and flexible.

The structure of a BTL™ liner - depending on thickness - is created by the combination of multiple woven HDPE scrims and special coatings. As a result it's very strong and extremely lightweight even at relatively low material thickness.

Big, bigger, biggest. Size matters.

The strength and lightweight structure of BTL™ geomembranes make it possible to prefabricate several thousand square meter big panels in one piece. Thus the installation can be done faster, cheaper and at a lower risk.